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Custom made tools

Custom made Cutting tools

In addition to our standard cutting tools from our catalog, our primary distinction is reflected in the fabrication of custom made cutting tools. We can design, manufacture, modify or refurbish any tool according to desired specifications; the possibilities are endless.


Avitec Tools Inc. is one of the designers and manufacturers of ground support equipment used by Bombardier. Several other companies using the same type of supply from another manufacturer still refer to our expertise in the maintenance or restructuring of their equipment. We can refurbish 12 to 20 ground support equipment kits in an exceedingly fast and competitive period, generally within four to five working days.
More than 150 kits of our ground support equipment are currently in circulation across the continent. The appreciation of our work is manifested through the many divisions and affiliations of Bombardier: Learjet, Interfast , may it be in Mirabel, Mexico or Arizona.


We are proud of the quality of our tools.

Unparalleled service

Our specialists are not only designers, they often resolve problems. In emergency situations, our engineers must travel on premises to better understand the problem and to make a tool or an appropriate part to resolve the issue at hand. Normally, the solution is found in a matter of hours, because nothing beats a fast service.