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Research and development

Passion for research

Research and development is a very active topic at Avitec Tools Inc. When a customer wants to improve its production, we work closely with them to find the best solutions possible. Due to our knowledge in research and development, our clients have benefited from a better performance or an improved method of production.

For over 10 years now, Avitec Tools Inc. has been working with the NRCC (National Research Centre Canada) on various projects , such as the IRAP project, aimed to develop effective solutions to recurring problems . Our expertise and hunger for knowledge are essential assets to this beautiful complicity that keeps us growing. We also have had the opportunity to work on other equally important projects in research and development with partners such as the McGill University, CRIQ (Industrial research Center of Quebec) and CTA (Aerospace Technology Centre).

Avitec Tools Inc. has advocated innovation and performance for the last 35 years.