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Standard cutting tools

Since 1979, Avitec Tools Inc. has been recognized for its production of high quality cutting tools. The standard cutting tools are primarily conceived from cobalt, metal powder, carbide and steel. Our catalog, edited and adjusted, offers a wide variety of products: milling cutter, drills, taps, carbide inserts, durable tools, etc. . . To meet our customer’s need, our standard range of tools are adapted to materials such as Kevlar, graphite composite, aerospace aluminum and more. Avitec always uses the best materials and coatings in order to maintain the long-term performance of your tools and because they are of capital importance to the product’s final quality. All the standard cutting tools meet the NAS and A.S.M.E requirements.

Our services, our strengths


The diversity of our equipment and our machinery, allows us to produce high complexity parts while minimizing time loss related to the adjustment and programming of devices. Our machines are all adjusted for a particular purpose which allows us to perform the initial step on one machine, the next step on another and so forth. This feature strongly differentiates us from our competitors because in many cases, they must reprogram their equipment before performing a new operation. In maintaining its principles of quality and performance, Avitec Tools Inc. also offers its customers a complete service of tool reconditioning to ensure their better preservation.


In order to customize your needs, our standard cutting tools can also be modified and adjusted.

All standard tools are available in our Avitec pdf catalogue

Quality is our first concern. All stages of production and manufacturing are performed with great attention to detail.